Show #96 - Xmas 2019

Sparks - Thank God It's Not Christmas
Mono Puff - Careless Santa
Psychic Ills - Run Rudolph Run
The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song
Rocket From the Crypt - Cancel Christmas
The Jennifers - Christmas in Reverse
Mojo Nixon - Christmas Christmas
Kathleen Edwards - It's Christmas Time (Let's Just Survive)
Chisel - If You Believe in Christmas Trees
Cocteau Twins - Winter Wonderland
Okkervil River - Listening to Otis Redding at Home During Christmas
Frightened Rabbit - It's Christmas So We'll Stop
Throwing Muses - Santa Claus
Neil Halstead - The Man in the Santa Suit
Silkworm - Merry Christmas
Ugly Casanova - So Long to the Holidays
Advance Base - Christmas in Oakland
Drugstore - Maybe at Christmas
Low - Just Like Christmas
the Mountain Goats - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Summer Camp - Christmas Wrapping
My Morning Jacket - Xmas Time Is Here Again
Sufjan Stevens - Hey Guys, It's Christmas Time
The Pipettes - Santa's On His Way
Jeffrey James Hulett - S…

Show #95

Another Sunny Day - Anorak City
Danielson Famile - Deviled Egg
Yo La Tengo - Mushroom Cloud of Hiss
Olympic Death Squad - Sometimes I Can Breathe
Blonde Redhead - Harmony
Mojave 3 - In Love With a View
Able Tasmans - Patience
Beat Happening - Ponytail
Songs: Ohia - Soul
Yesteryear - Hold My Breath
Early Day Miners - The Escape
Luxurious Bags - This Won't Help a Bit
Ultra Vivid Scene - Hail Mary
Sugar - JC Auto
Modest Mouse - Dirty Fingernails
Velocity Girl - Rubble
The Stone Roses - I Am the Resurrection
Barry Black - Golden Throat
Tuesday Weld - Without the Aid of a Safety Net
Marmoset - Golden Cloak
Spiritualized - Lay Back in the Sun
Tuscadero - Angel in a Half Shirt
Spent - Brighter Than Day
Tullycraft - Superboy & Supergirl
Smog - Sleepy Joe
Dirty Three - Horse

Show #94

Kitchens of Distinction - The 3rd Time We Opened the Capsule
The Telescopes - Precious Little
Jane From Occupied Europe - Ocean Run Dry
Nightblooms - Crystal Eyes
Cranes - Inescapable
Whipping Boy - Switchblade Smile
Bleach - Decadence
Blow Up - Somersault Sunrise
The Curtain Society - Chelsea
The Dylans - Godlike
Moonshake - Gravity
The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa - Square Wave
Moose - Suzanne
Revolver - Heaven Sent an Angel
Loop - Arc-Lite (Sonar)
Whipped Cream - Explosion
The Sunflowers - Closer
Drop - Mirrored
Swallow - Sugar Your Mind
Drugstore - Alive
Smashing Orange - My Deranged Heart
Spindrift - Surround Sound
Bardo Pond - Die Easy
Alison's Halo - Dozen
Bethany Curve - Me Voy
Majesty Curse - No. 1 Fan
The Charlottes - Liar

Show #93 - Colors edition

Lilys - There's No Such Thing As Black Orchids
Ninotchka - Green Dream (Goodnight, Scott Walker)
3Ds - The Ball of Purple Cotton
Songs: Ohia - Redhead
Silver Jews - Black & Brown Blues
Heavenly - Orange Corduroy Dress
Slowdive - Mellow Yellow
Jesus & Mary Chain - Almost Gold
Galaxie 500 - Blue Thunder
Archers of Loaf - All Hail the Black Market
Electro Group - Green Machine
Number One Cup - Bright Orange Fireball Sun
Helium - Silver Angel
The Bats - The Black and the Blue
Gothic Archies - Your Long White Fingers
the Mountain Goats - Orange Ball of Pain
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - White Palms
Sebadoh - Violet Execution
Breeders - Lime House
The Wrens - Yellow Number Three
Even As We Speak - Blue Suburban Skies
Rye Coalition - White Jesus of 114th Street
Lenola - Black Eyes
The Jazz June - Red Light District
Black Heart Procession - Blue Tears
Enon - Matters Gray
Pale Saints - One Blue Hill
Braid - Radish White Icicle
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Blue Corolla

Show #92

Adorable - Feed Me
Lungfish - Washing Away
Unwound - Abstraktions
C-Clamp - Minnesota
Blind Mr. Jones - Spooky Vibes
A.R. Kane - Butterfly Collector
The Boo Radleys - Leaves and Sand
Codeine - Jr.
Brian Jonestown Massacre - She's Gone
Chavez - Our Boys Will Shine Tonight
Secret Shine - Loveblind
The Field Mice - Letting Go
Bark Psychosis - Fooled Up
Flying Saucer Attack - In the Light
Astrobrite - Lemondrop
Broadcast - Lights Out
Bedhead - The Rest of the Day
St. Johnny - Everything Is Beautiful
Swirlies - Upstairs
Unrest - Soon It Is Going to Rain
Moonshake - Gravity
Majesty Crush - Horse

Show #91

Come - New Coat
Aloha - Liberty
Refrigerator - Unrealized
Mocket - Halo
Flin Flon - Leading Tickles
Poundsign - Sundried
Orange Cake Mix - Girl on the Film
The Secret Stars - Melt
Pale Saints - Sea of Sound
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - When I First Came to Town
The Gentle Waves - Falling From Grace
PJ Harvey - Horses in My Dreams
Incredible Force of Junior - Rosewell
Mock Turtles - Washing the Waning Moon
Sebadoh - Supernatural Force
The Amps - First Revival
James - Walking the Ghost
The House of Love - On the Hill
The Sea Urchins - Solace
Tindersticks - Travelling Light
The Notwist - Shrink
The Extra Glenns - Going to Marrakesh
Julie Doiron - He Will Forget
American Analog Set - Too Tired to Shine II
Honeybunch - Arm in Arm
Red Stars Theory - A Sailor's Warning

Show #90 - Antenna Club tribute

These are all bands I saw between 1990-1995 at the World Famous Antenna Club located at 1588 Madison

Simpletones - Pet Rock
Archers of Loaf - Tatyana
Jawbreaker - Busy
Man With Gun Lives Here - Hang Man
Grifters - Tat
Jesus Lizard - Here Comes Dudley
Mudhoney - This Gift
Taintskins - Post Eminent
Adios Gringo - My Two Feets
Rocket From the Crypt - Goodbye
Helmet - Murder
Oblivians - Song Inside
American Lesion - I Hate You/Abe Vigoda
Green Day - Christie Road
Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl
Koma Toast - Fall of Rome
Pezz - Mattress
Fugazi - Suggestion
Coffin Break - Look Away
Afghan Whigs - Miles Iz Ded
Tar - Trauma
Superchunk - Kicked In
Shudder to Think - Pebbles
Polvo - Well Is Deep
Hot Monkey - Another Song
Small Room - Mr. Breeze
Jawbox - Dreamless
Impala - Anna Vienna

Show #89

Fuck - Shotgun (H)ours
Slipstream - Your Presence
Boyracer - Naked
James Dean Driving Experience - Drop Dead Darling
Slowdive - Souvlaki Space Station
Godzuki - The Leap
Dolly Mixture - In Your Eyes
Syrup USA - People of the Lake
Monade - Cache Cache
Firewater - Refinery
Action Painting! - Collapsing Cloud
McCarthy - Get a Knife Between Your Teeth
Jeff London - Wear a Boy Out
Honeybunch - Arm in Arm
that dog. - You Are Here
Toenut - Seizure
Small Factory - Sensible
Corrina Repp - Blues for the Unencouraged
Grimble Grumble - Rail Road
Bright - The Fall
Nothing Painted Blue - Houseguest
The New Year - The End's Not Near
Carissa's Wierd - Lazy Eyelids
Girlboy Girl - Starting to Peel
Windy and Carl - Warm Like December

Show #88 - Daniel Johnston tribute

Spiritualized - True Love Will Find You in the End
Mercury Rev - Blue Clouds
The Twilight Sad - Some Things Last a Long Time
Yo La Tengo - Speeding Motorcycle
Daniel Johnston - Tears Stupid Tears
Lemonheads - (The) Door
Consonant - Who Touches You Now
The Creatures - Killing Time
Daniel Johnston - Walking the Cow
Eggs - Claire's Snares
Kincaid - Great America
Damien Jurado - Tornado
Daniel Johnston - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances
Eleventh Dream Day - Frozen Mile
Henry's Dress - Not Today
The Buddyrevelles - Millions Can Be Wrong
Daniel Johnston - My Life Is Starting Over
Versus - Shooting Star
Hellbender - I-95 Is Tattooed on My Brain
Grifters - Bronze Cast
Daniel Johnston - Devil Town
The Wedding Present - Bewitched
Swoon - To Break My Heart
Drop Nineteens - Kick the Tragedy
Daniel Johnston - Funeral Girl

Show #87

Sonic Youth - Skink
Shrimp Boat - Small Wonder
Bluetile Lounge - Steeped
Hood - Love Is Dead but Never Buried
Polvo - Leaf
My Bloody Valentine - Cupid Come
Schraj - Alchemize
Jennyanykind - the Tale of the Cigarette King
New Radiant Storm Kin - The Correct Liar
Helium - Lucy
The Lonesome Organist - Lap Steel
The Coctails - Weather King
Duster - Memphis Sophisticate
Olivia Tremor Control - Gypsum Oil Field Fire
Weekend - End Times
Lenola - Curses Will Fly
Astrobrite - Fireball
Apples in Stereo - Motorcar
Glo-Worm - Beyond the Sea
Appendix Out - A Path to Our Beds
Superchunk - Throwing Things
Argentina - Telescopes for Everyone!
Rocketship - I Love You Like the Way That I Used To
Seabear - Libraries
Pavement - Fight This Generation
Solar Coaster - Want It to Be
Swirlies - Bell